Ya’at’teeh, Hello LSI Families and Community,

Thank you for visiting our website, and Welcome to Leupp Schools, Inc.!!

I appreciate all families for enduring the virtual and in- person classes for this school year. I’m happily anticipating more normal school schedules in the coming year. I’m also very proud of the students for their academic growth, and I want to encourage all students and families to keep up the good work in reading, math and all subjects. 

I’d like also to reach out to our parents and community to help contribute to a positive school culture by being involved with your child’s learning and growth. Teachers have emails and phone numbers that they can communicate with you for support of your child’s education. And I would eagerly support a parent organization for the school. 

Through our website, we hope to improve our communication with parents on the school calendar and schedules. Our goal is to have every message that we send out to families on our website, along with our newsletters and other important information. 

I can be reached at lpaddock@leuppschools.org or at (928)686-6010, and let me know how things are going for your child at LSI. Thank you for being a part of our community and school, and let us know how we can help make your LSI experience even better!



Lolita Paddock