Vision Statement

Building the Future, Keeping the Past.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Leupp Schools, Inc. (LSI) to prepare and empower all students for the choices and challenges they will face by providing a positive, healthy, social and educational environment which is based on Dine knowledge and language.


Philosophy. The School believes that:

  1. Quality education and residential services should be provided in a healthy and safe environment wherein students are assisted in developing a positive self-image and life skills and where students are taught multicultural, academic social values and skills.
  2. Each student should be assisted in developing their identity, dignity, and self-confidence. Each student should be accepted, respected and acknowledged for his/her unique, qualities and contributions.
  3. The collaboration involvement of the School, Parents, and Community will create a positive environment that is conducive to quality education and residential services.
  4. Navajo language and traditional values should be modeled and preserved. Each individual should have the responsibility to model Navajo Traditional values, culture, and language.